Lab Certified Pregnancy Tests

Medical grade pregnancy tests are provided free of charge to all female clients seeking assistance with an unplanned pregnancy. Tests are performed by Life Options medical professionals. Our volunteer client advocates spend time with the client during this process to offer further Life Options services and resources. When there is the opportunity, client advocates also share the gospel with the women during this time.


Ultrasounds provide a mother with her first glimpse of the life developing inside of her. The father of the baby, a parent, or a friend may sit in on the ultrasound with her. Ultrasounds allow the heartbeat to be seen and provides more information about the pregnancy such as how far along the pregnancy is and the heartbeat of the baby. Abortion minded women who see their babies through ultrasound choose life approximately 80% of the time.

STI/STD Testing and Treatment

By providing STI testing and treatment in our center, Life Options has the opportunity to not only meet a physical need, but to also build relationships with women and men in our communities before they find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy. The testing also opens up doors for conversations about sexual risk avoidance and God’s design for sexual relations between men and women to be within the confines of marriage.

Options Counseling

When a woman comes to us with an unplanned pregnancy, she may feel confused, alone, and as if no one else can understand her situation. Life Options’ Client Advocates will meet with her one-on-one to help her process the information about her pregnancy and to educate her on the options she has. Life Options will not recommend or refer for abortion. However, the decision about how to handle her pregnancy is up to her; we will equip her to make an informed decision and will be there to support her whatever decision she makes.

Prenatal and Parenting Classes

Once the choice for life is made, Life Options will provide mom and dad with education classes and resource referrals to help them become the best parents they can be. Our 20-week education program provides classes on everything from prenatal care and labor and delivery, to child safety and feeding and nutrition to name just a few. Participants will receive material goods for their baby such as diapers and wipes, baby clothes, bath products, blankets, car seats and Pack-n-Plays for being a part of the program.

Community Assistance Referrals

At Life Options, we work with each client to determine her individual needs.  We then connect her with community resources that may be particularly helpful to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. Whether she needs help finding a health care provider, affordable and safe housing, childcare, transportation, employment, or assistance with applying for social services such as WIC, Life Options is there to assist her in finding the support she needs.